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At Indie Rock Magazine we know that the best music comes from the best bands and artists.

Our goal is to showcase Bands from every genre of rock that are on the cusp of being great. Please take the time to look at our magazine and to listen to the bands that we showcase every month. All of these bands and artsts are deserving of your ear.

Indie Rock Magazine has made it their mission to search the world for the best bands and artists in the rock genre and to bring them to light for everyone's enjoyment. If you are in a band or know of a band that should be showcased and interviewed by us, please send us an email to and we will get them to get them in the magazine.

What is Indie Rock Magazine and who is it for?

Indie Rock Magazine is published for fans of the bands who are creating a buzz and producing music that is at the cusp of recognition. We hope to provide insight of these bands, information for their fans, and information they will need for them to continue on their upward spiral. We hope the fans and the artists enjoy!